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Music With No Ears

My name is Jeevo.  I am an artist.  I have 6 albums out.  Every album I have put out gets stronger, but my desire to be in any type of music industry gets weaker. I did an experiment with my latest album called One, that you can find here: I did 0 marketing.  I sent 1 e-mail out to everyone I know, and posted twice on my social media once the album came out.  Every one of my contacts knew I had an album coming out.  They had the link.  It was even free via streaming services.  But no one really heard it.  Three months after my album came out (this past week), I casually asked my closest friends / family if they heard it - most of the answers looked like this: "Oh yeah, I started listening to it."  "I need to hear it!"  "I know it's amazing, but I haven't heard it yet." It is amazing to hear this as a musician.  You spend so many hours coming up with something out of literally nothing.  You

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