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Post Easter Reflection

A few days before Easter, I posted something on my Facebook and Instagram pages that I knew would irritate and upset many people.  I did not think about it too much, but knew it would rub people the wrong way.  The message on Facebook was something funny, and just told people not to post pictures of themselves on Easter in pastels with the caption "Happy Easter" because it is very strange every year when I see it.  The message on Instagram was more direct and said the following:

Public Service Announcement: For Easter Sunday, please avoid posting pictures of your new outfits with the caption "Happy Easter."  The public is unsure whether you are drawing attention to your color coordination, or the resurrection life of Christ.  It's weird.  Instead, post something that reflects your true gratitude for Easter.  It changed human history.  Remember, Jesus did not die for the 30 hour sale at Macy's.  Looking good on Sunday is dope, but do it for yourself and fami…

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