For Harvey Weinstein - and all men.

Harvey Weinstein and every other sexual predator we encounter in Hollywood and beyond are dirtbags.  No doubt about it.  It is atrocious.  Since the beginning of time, women have been objectified, mistreated, harassed, raped, abused, attacked, and belittled - in subtle ways, and not so subtle ways.  Though the pattern has been the same, the likes of Harvey Weinstein hurt as miserably as the rest.

***For the remainder of this post, I will be addressing what I deem is the truth and heart of the matter.  If you are looking for a social or political critique of this mess, I am the wrong person.  I rarely look at anything from that lens.  I only have 1 pair of glasses that I address the world with.  I am predictable.  I am painfully consistent.

Before God made Eve from the very being of Adam, He had to put Adam to sleep.  He put the man to sleep because the man has the propensity to make awful decisions.  The man does not know how to fulfill his deepest desires.  So the man, if left to his own independence, will choose outside of what is pure.  The man will stray.  The man will hunt.  The man will do things that he truly does not want to do - but for some reason, he cannot help himself.  The most important component of a man's success depends on how deeply he trusts God to put him to sleep.  Our society sets fire to bad desires - and then we wonder how we can birth a Harvey Weinstein.  Every song on the radio is about......let me not got there right now.

Men - young and old.  You and I cannot uplift a generation of women by merely protesting.  You and I have to understand that our core is damaged.  Sure - we may not be Harvey Weinsteins.  We are not that bold, wealthy, or power hungry.  However,  what may I ask goes on in the deepest dimensions of your thought life?  I applaud you for not acting on your barbaric impulses.  I applaud you for having self-control.  I applaud you for taking captive the thoughts that you really do have - the ones that you will never admit to another soul.  But men - young and old: Do women need a generation of men that have self-control?  Or do women need men that are pure from the inside - out?  Do women want you to just date them properly and buy them expensive meals before you have sex with them?  Do they simply just want you to be unlike Harvey Weinstein? Or do they want you to value them in the eyes of their Creator?

My spirit is troubled because the reminder that men are broken, pushes our culture to just make men more well behaved.  Anybody who knows how to hustle can be well behaved, and still be as savage as Harvey Weinstein.  We have the opportunity to dig deeper and find out the real issue.  If we believe that the brokenness between men and women is behavioral, then we have submitted to the deepest ploy of evil - we have succumbed to raising a generation of polished men who will still damage your daughters.

There are several "feminists" that are despicable bastards.  They are men that say so much about women's rights.  They campaign.  They say the right things.  They speak a life of compassion.  But if you find them at the right time, they are trying to get fast sex quicker than Harvey Weinstein.  Sure - they are more polished.  They wear the right cologne.  They are more professional and not so obvious in their gestures or attempts.  They have too much pride to force their intentions; but when given the right opportunity, they end up coercing your daughters to get into bed with them.

In our modern society, that which is consensual is regarded as the holy law.  Anything and everything is considered appropriate, as long as you agree.  The only thing that determines if something is right  or wrong is if you agreed.  While I firmly believe that things must be consensual, I firmly disagree that all things consensual are good.  I believe atrocious things can come out of consensual acts.  I believe that things being consensual should not be the barometer of our moral compass.  People can be consensually dumb.  People can consent when they are at their worst self.  When my daughter grows up, she will concede to many poor choices.  I can only hope that she has a group of people around her that do not equate her free will as the Holy Law.  I can only pray that she has loyal soldiers around her that are not yes men and yes women.  I can only beg of God that her potential is not aggregated in the weight of her independence and freedom to choose - but in a power that is at work in and through her.

I am deathly afraid that the Bill Cosby's and Harvey Weinstein's of the world are covering up the quiet sociopaths that we never knew existed.  I am painfully aware that my daughter's biggest enemy is not Harvey Weinstein.  It is the 18 year old in college, or a friend in her math class, or a co-worker, or a family member, or a pastor - or anyone who feels their internal lust is better than the Hollywood savages - these will be her enemies.  And I will stand against each one of them.  I see you Devil.

Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo


  1. Excellent perspective Jeevo! Excellent! It’s easy to pat ourselves on the back when we compare our outward actions to those of high profile individuals being disparaged in the media. Many of us don’t commit sins to that extent because the opportunity to do them may not have presented itself. The inward thoughts of our hearts may be just as evil but opportunity and fear of others may be the only things holding us back. I’m not excusing any of the actions that these men have done nor am I making light of the potential thoughts in my heart. I want to simply magnify the power of God that works in us both to make us more like his Son Jesus both in our thoughts and actions as well as highlight the depth of His grace that endures when we fall short time and time again. It’s by the grace of God that I am who I am. None of me, all of him.

  2. Wow, great perspective Rajeev on such a topic as this. After reading this I thought about Jeremiah 17:9- The heart is deceitful above all, who can understand it? And in the end you highly emphasized guarding your daughters heart and mind with Gods Love and Word. That is the key component to help guide her steps, and the generations that could come. Therefore, we have to remind ourselves daily, in the mist of tribulation and wickedness , our purpose and our worlds need for Jesus.


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