A Sabbath Rest

The most successful people know how to rest. They know how to work as a result of rest. They don't necessarily deserve rest, but they know they need it - so they take it. Today we see people run around like aimless chickens with their heads cut off.

I figured out this generation's favorite word (at least in America) - you ready? It's "busy." People love to say they have been busy - or they are really busy. Busy, Busy, Busy. Quite frankly, this is the most comical thing to me - if you tell me you are busy, you better back it up with a CEO like schedule - if not, don't ever use that word around me. I'll sue you and then I'll say something extremely witty to make you wish you never knew me. Yes, this is how much it irritates me - the word "busy."

You know why it's irritating? B/C it's a slap in the face to people who really do work hard. I work hard but I don't consider myself busy. Barack Obama is busy. You are certainly not busy - you aren't busy because you are reading this - there is no way really busy people have time to read this. Your self-worth will never come out of being busy. You can be busy but still useless.

For lack of a better word - Busy people (in the true sense) know how to rest! Now when I use the word rest, I certainly don't mean it in the same way that most people do - That's why I say "Rest, rest but I will not rest" on "Till The Day I Die." That is resting the way Americans do: "Sally, boy do I need a break - I just want to veg out - let's sit with some donuts, cheese balls, and fat free fozen yogurt and eat on the couch while watching Desperate Housewives. Come join me Tucker! Neato. Then we can go to McDonald's and get 8 Big Macs and eat our way out of depression." -- That's not rest - that's mediocre (I'm laughing hysterically by the way).

Rest is when you are able to separate from the daily things that you legitimately work very hard at. Rest is entering into something - it is not a passive thing in that it is filled with so much purpose. Rest is not something we arrive at, but something that we start with. In the Christian tradition, you can say that you enter into God's rest - the rest and sabbath that He has set for you. This can be a period of time - this can be a season. You have to be very disciplined, because everyone around you will act "busy." They will talk about all the things they have been doing. But you - very focused - must remain at rest. You must remain unmoved. You cannot run along with them. You keep your pace. You stay at your mark. Your gun that shoots before the sprint will be later, and for some reason, you'll end up at the finish line before the busiest of drones. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


  1. are you ever going to write a book? Seriously dude - it's about time - 3 records, now get writing!

  2. "You must remain unmoved." Yes..

  3. This is manna from heaven. I needed that reminder yo.


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