Merry Christmas - The Show Goes On :-)

The Devil can mess with you on your holiday - especially the greatest times of the year. You will be attacked if you are a soldier. So I thank Mr. Lupe Fiasco for releasing his video for his comrades on Christmas Day!

I know holidays can be a reminder of a void in your life. I know what that feels like. I know how you feel most misunderstood during the day when everyone celebrates. I know deep loneliness. I know dark reminders in the midst of lights. I know. And I feel. I know you are uncertain of the days ahead. I know you wonder what Christmas is and what in the world the birth of a Jew has to do with you.

I know the feeling when others respond with laughs to the thing that tears at your soul. I know the feeling of being in prison - I know the feeling of living so ahead of your time that people who walk by your side get completely lost. I know circumstances where you feel there is no end or answer - that's why I wrote a song called "Blueprint." The thing you have to realize is that the show truly goes on - the concert will still happen - the curtains will still rise - and you must perform - whether ineffectively or proficiently - you must perform.

This video means the world to me because there is no feeling like when you are backstage and the sound guy comes to get you - and you follow him - it's the longest walk of your life to the stage - you are completely light-headed - your stomach is inside-out - but you are fully confident and certain. Words cannot describe that feeling. God Bless you all on this beautiful, Christmas day - God loves you - and that's really all there is to it. Peace, and much love to you - Merry Merry Christmas - John Baptist!


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