The Sword of Peace

For years I have heard the phrase: "No justice, no peace."  For years I have believed it.  I grew up thinking that you can never have peace if there is injustice.  Rightfully so.  How can you expect people to be treated unfairly and desire peace?  Peace is conditional in this way of thinking.  Peace depends on whether or not it is earned.  People won't riot if you treat them justly.  People will co-exist if there is justice.

The problem is that attaining peace would be impossible this way, since humanity is based on deep injustices that may never be repaired.  Who bears the burden of bringing peace?  Is it the offender or the offended?  Is it the victim or the suspect? I have grown to believe that justice is mainly at the mercy of someone else - a system, a group of elites, governments, etc.  However, peace can be at the mercy of the individual.

The deeper question becomes: Can peace spring up before justice?  Can we become peaceful without favorable circumstances - in the midst of unbelievable cruelty and deep hurt - whether or not justice ever comes.

In Sri Lanka, the war has ended.  The struggle for reconcilation however remains the exact same.  People are hurt.  People feel unjustly treated.  People feel they are justified.  It drives people mad that they have to wrestle with "peace" before justice. 

The interaction between justice and peace cannot be a business relationship.  It is not a deal.  It cannot be thought of as cause and effect. 

"Kindness and truth will meet; justice and peace shall kiss." Psalm 85

When justice and peace kiss, they do it relationally - with one another.  One is not waiting for the other.  Rather, they need each other.  They are both willing to meet - they are both willing to kiss - they are both willing to merge.  Peace is indeed a sword.  It cuts right through the false issues.  It bears truth.  Peace can spring forth justice in such a radical way, because it wants justice out of deep love.  It does not manipulate justice.  In some ways, it can live without it.  Peace is independent of justice, but needs justice to be fully whole.  If justice springs forth peace, then peace becomes a function of favorable circumstances.  Peace becomes a forced output.  Peace that is achieved pre-justice however, is peace that can become everlasting.  This peace can change nations, and bring detestable power structures to an end.

We must experience justice and peace on a soul-level.  This is the pulse of reconciliation, forgiveness, and unity.  We must be a people who can find peace despite injustice.  We must become adjusted to needing peace in our hearts, mind, and soul.  Such peace can never even be put into words.  The toxicity lies in the fact that we have all grown so comfortable to having bad tastes in our mouths.  We have de-sensitized our desire for peace, and have made justice and the things that are "true" above everything else.  Truth is easy.  You don't always need love for truth.  But fosterting peace before justice - this is where the mighty in the land come in.  This is where the women and men of deep courage step in the gaps.  This is where the secure separate from the insecure, and the sword of peace will make its distinctions.

You don't need what is owed to you to be at peace.  When you realize this, you become a true champion of justice.

I won't say a word. #Loud Silence.

Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo.



  1. In regards to a peaceful Sri Lanka, the journey towards recovery and healing is going to take time. People are understandably wary. The war left us all scared. Some of us lost our loved ones to the war, and most of us had to leave our homes and resettle in different places, in some cases, different countries. People say time heals.. ( I think you and I have heard this phrase a million times). It is as though we are supposed to not mind that so much that our hearts are broken. For the people(s) of Sri Lanka to heal from the wounds of war, we will some how other have to learn to accept competing narratives of the two factions, and leave the past behind. Deviani


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