The Strong Nucleus

Would you rather have deep impact on a chosen few, or smaller impact on millions?  The problem with the human condition is that it values things based on the perceived grandeur.  We would trade being vested fully into smaller things, for the small rewards of being known widely.  There is a fine line between being complacent and content, but most Americans are deathly afraid of both.  We base our potential on another person's lot.  We see what we could become based on what others have already done.  The very precious thing/gift that we have is constantly being compromised.  Imagine if gold is always devaluing itself because people are always buying imitation silver.  What if gold decided to devalue itself so it could sell more of itself to people?  What if gold changed its substance to be more like copper, or aluminum?  What if gold felt bettter about itself if it could be in the hands of more people - so it shrunk itself - it became less than - it reduced its worth?

You are Gold.  You are the greatest asset known to your existence.  In order to be used to its greatest potential, you must be yourself.  Nothing less.  Nothing more.

The greatest men and women begin with a strong nucleus.  They begin their world changing efforts with a small but powerful foundation.  Let's take for example - let's see - Jesus Christ.  No bias on my part at all.  He began with 12 disciples.  He instructed them and journeyed with them for 3 years.  Worst of all (I mean best of all), He entrusted them to do His work.  Whenever masses would follow, He would instruct them to stay quiet about the miracles they saw.  He would tell them that His time has not yet come.  Today, as soon as one great thing happens, people post it on Twitter and Facebook for all the world to know.  There was enough substance for this God-man to do what He had to do, and not worry about WHEN people would get Him, or even get to know Him better.  He had a time and a purpose.  He had security in who He was, and who Loved Him.

This generation has to learn how to be committed to the process.  We have to be ok with minimal exposure.  We have to be content with the incubation phase.  We have to love hard work.  We have to love humility and discipline.  We have to rebel against the human condition that desires rewards outside of our time.  Sure, the low hanging fruit is yours.  But what if the high hanging fruit is what would bring you the greatest joy?  What if the things that required more time would give you the deepest fullfillment of your soul?  Never settle for the visible, when the gold is in the Invisible.

When I first began in the music industry, I enjoyed a very warm reception.  People started to get to know Jeevo very very quickly.  It took me by much surprise that I put very little work in the first 2 years, yet got quite far in brand recognition.  My first 2 albums were very successful by independent standards.  I performed at least 3 times a month and things were going according to my human schedule!  I was an average musician with above-average attention.  The forces of nature were all colliding and it seemed a matter of months before I would hit the "big stage."  There was something lacking during that time, and I could never quite put my finger on it.  I realized there was a huge dissonance between myself and those closest to me - family and friends.

They did not quite understand my music.  They couldn't deal with the transition of Jeevo.  They weren't sure if I was in God's will, or creating my own.  I marked this off as just being misunderstood.  I had a strong lone ranger mentality and felt justified in just moving fast without them.  But when you surrender everything to God, things change.  Things begin to take shape in ways that are humanly disadvantageous, but divinely ordained.  The pace of my audience slowed down.  I became unsure whether the music industry was even for me - or whether I was even good enough to really do it professionally.

But during this time, my inner circle grew in their understanding of my music.  My family and friends started to see how precious it really was.  They began to take notice of God's working in my core, and they grew a deep appreciation for my art and development.  Since I was not running around, I began to engage differently.  I allowed myself to receive love from those in my inner group.  Those that would almost pretend I didn't do music in their presence 2 years before, were now my biggest fans - my greatest supporters - whether or not I made great music or not.  God was giving me a strong nucleus, while slowing my growth in the industry. 

This is a miracle.  This is love.  This made me even more certain that I was doing the right thing.

If I did not surrender my life to the Creator, I would not have a sense that a slowing down was actually part of my destiny.  I would do what most people do in the midst of it - quit.

The strong nucleus is not just so you can benefit from some type of inner support system.  The strong nucleus is to build them up, and lead those chosen few to where they need to be.  If the people around you don't become greater than you, then you are poison.  You are bad water that drowns the seeds that surround your garden.  You are a weed that cannot make space for flowers to bloom.  People around you have to be better than you.  They have to take your baton and run faster.  America loves to hand others the baton and let them come in 2nd place.  This is not enough.  They must be first.  Others should trump you.  A strong nucleus is what makes you.  And you to some extent make it.

In the words of a poster that hung in my college dorm room as well as my recent single years: "The light that shines furthest away, shines brightest at home."
Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo.


  1. Amen, and amen. Such a timely, and encouraging word, as well as a real testament of your life! Will you title your next album Nucleus? :p


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