Hometown Hero

You would think that your loudest supporters and biggest encouragement would come from your own people. You would think that those that have seen you mature and become everything that you have always wanted to be would be right by your side. Isn't it the most amazing thing? -- To see people that you have been raised with do well! To see someone come from nothing, to do more than the world would have ever imagined?! Wouldn't it bring you so much joy, to see one of your own rise up and do good in the world?

It confuses me more and more - each and every single day - There is no honor at home.

When I say "home," it does not have to be literal. Some of us have a wonderful familial structure. Some of us have great support by our loved ones. However, there is something to be said about our biggest impact and most potent influence being outside of our presumed "homes." Our homes can represent people we grew up with; our families; our immediate friends; our cultural specific communities; etc. Whatever this home is for you - do not be deterred when it doesn't support you - or when it even despises you.

I find that there can be a beautiful redemptive quality in our "homes." However, this doesn't happen when we want it - it can happen in a full circle. Sometimes you have to leave for a season, before coming back to experience your impact at home. This is more powerful and more complete. Does it seem backward? Absolutely. But I would rather walk in the best backward, than walk in the second best forward. We have to stay our course. We cannot be confused when our people don't accept us. Often times, this rejection makes us more focused. It re-sharpens us because we are willing to give our lives up for our purpose. We are able to separate from our dependence on everything that is not solid. It is here that we fully find affirmation in real things, and not on temporary and mobile support. We are people who need encouragement. We need solid affirmation. It does not matter how single-minded you are. Feedback and genuine support can be a wonderful asset. When done under the right circumstances, it can propel you to great heights. Unfortunately, this is rarely done right. Most support becomes muddy, and most people rely on family/friendship to give them the head nod in order to move forward.

You may become a hometown hero one day. You may bring light to your own people. Do not fix the chronology of these events. This is not up to you - this is out of your hands. All you can do is stay your righteous path - and everything will work out in the end. Go beyond the measure and boundaries of your home - there you will find a God who is at home in you - and this gives your feet permission to roam anywhere. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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