Enemy Terrain

June 25, 2011 - I will be performing my album for 1300 people at USC. It is only fitting that I perform here - an album called "Endangered Species" - an album that is about infiltrating the world under very unfavorable circumstances. Being a UCLA alumni, I am honored to fill the shoes of a shameless spy - It is espionage at its best :-) I am currently writing from the central spot at USC - I have a show here tonight, and will announce to the students that I'm from UCLA - I cannot wait for the boo's! And I cannot wait to tell them that I will be performing my album release concert at Bovard Auditorium.

I love Enemy Terrain - there is nothing that excites me more than uncomfortable listeners, and an environment that is not favorable. I love not getting a response from people as much as I love entertaining them. I enjoy not getting that much of an applause. I enjoy peoples' dismissive looks after I get off stage. Who knows what will happen tonight? Who knows :-)

USC is certainly not enemy terrain. In fact I respect much of their graduate degree programs. But I really do feel like a spy. I just wanted you guys to know that. Endangered Species #23 - over and out.

Also, watch this:


Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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