Does God Change His Mind?

Sometimes we pray to change God's mind. At least we pray like we have to change His mind - It is as if He has made up the plan and will stick to it - no matter what. How to do you engage with the Creator of the Universe when He already decided to do something that you don't approve of? Yes, I know that it doesn't matter what we approve of - everything relies on what He wants - But I actually believe in our desires. I believe in what is in our heart. I believe that though our hearts are deceptive, there is plenty of good in it - and plenty of correct inklings that can lead us to where He actually wants us.

Most people give up and make excuses for God. They burn with desire for things and then assume they are not from God when they don't get it. This is what happens to 95% of the world. How many times do you hear "I used to want to be....." How many times do people speak of desires that once drove them? I am not sure what happens with a failed desire - do we forget about it? Do we "move on?" Do we act like they never existed?

The fight is important. The fight proves to the Universe and yourself, whether the desire is worth dying for. If God gave everyone what they wanted, then the world would have self-destructed years ago. But if people fought for what they truly desired, and then God changed them in the process, the world would be far more righteous and pleasing than it is today. A striking characteristic of Endangered Species is that they are about the same thing for a REALLY long time. You often wonder what in the world could be so compelling that they fight over and over again for the same thing - failures and all.

This is the key. Persistence. Persistence and loyalty are the 2 lost gems that this generation cannot seem to find. Where are the people that keep banging on the door to get what they want? Where are the soldiers who march until their feet get completely worn out? A desire isn't real if the vessel isn't willing to fight. A desire is just an emotion until the vessel allows it to shape his/her entire being. Personally, I have decided to die with desires - I cannot let go of them - They have changed me in ways that I cannot explain. I would rather burn with this desire than see it not come to pass. I am loyal to my desire - I will not see its destruction - only its fruition. Whether I'm an old man still searching for the same thing as I was at age 27, or behind bars - I will not move. I will not give in to a 2nd desire. I want what I want and it will never go away. I realize that it is hard to be like this. I realize that many sacrifices are made in the process. I realize the fight is harder because no one can relate or champion your efforts.

Does God change His mind? He is big enough to never change, and big enough to change whenever He wants. He doesn't have to change His mind. His arm doesn't have to be twisted. But I know in the depths of my soul, that my God looks at my heart - He looks at my fight - He wants me to work like a wide-eyed boy wonder. He is pleased when I am relentless. I know this - So I will keep doing it. I can't tell you how God thinks - but I can tell you what pleases Him. He is pleased when you fight, and never give up - never. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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