A Perfect God

Sometimes we wish God was imperfect, so that He could come into our situation. Human beings think we can relate to people based on similar experiences. God can relate to us if He was imperfect - that way, He wouldn't be so hard on us when we mess up. We may not say it, but we live this way. We are consistently offended by God's perfection. His righteousness is far too blinding and unattainable - so why try to imitate Him in the first place! We distance ourselves like a prodigal, because we seem to think His perfection is what causes the rift between Him and us.

We see this in our own life don't we? In order to engage with people, we try to dumb down ourselves to the lowest common denominator. We dare not be too impressive, because that may isolate those we care about. If we want to talk to someone who is sexually broken, we exaggerate the ways we are also sexually broken. If we want to talk to someone who has no hope for a job, we minimize how great our jobs are to identify with their poor and lonely state. If we want to invite people to a religious function, we try to make it cool and appealing.

I've met people who have lost their mothers at a young age, and I never want to talk to them again. I've met musicians that I never want to see again. I've met socially and politically inclined people who I want nothing to do with. I've met people that have similar issues or experiences as me, but we do not offer anything to each other.

No one in this world will be sharpened by their knowledge that you are just like them. This doesn't help anyone. This is a given. We are all human. We don't need to keep proving to each other that we are human and normal creatures. The fact remains that there is dying world out there - and people need to be around those that have something that they don't. You need to be people that others want to be like - if you are not, then what do you have to offer them? Stop making yourself less than just to appease peoples' insecurities. I am not going to be a worse musician so that my drummer or guitarist can feel comfortable. I'm going to be the best musician I can be. If it makes them uncomfortable, they will most likely practice harder to get to where I am at - and vice versa (but that rarely happens - I'm just saying). What happens if I pretend that I'm as good as them, or even worse than them? We both get worse off, and more depressed.

It is God's perfection that gives us a fighting chance. If He was less perfect, we would be full of disease and wickedness. It is time that we see His light as the cure, as opposed to the separation. A perfect God is the only thing that can enter into your imperfect state. A perfect God knows what you need and want. God doesn't enter into your weakness to become weak with you. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard - God is strong. He'll always be strong. He will enter into your weakness to make you better - to give you His strength. You don't worship a diplomat or a social worker - you worship a God - the King of the jungle - the Alpha and the Omega. It is time we embrace His perfection, and seek His righteousness. It is time we lead other people by His righteousness that He bestows upon us. If you want someone to console your bad habits, don't come to me. You will feel judged.

Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


  1. powerful words, G-Vo!
    Why is it that misery loves company more than a way out?


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