The Beautiful Mirror

I saw a segment on ABC today that said plastic surgery is at an all time high. Apparently, those humanitarian plastic surgeons saw over a million men this year alone. Let's all give a round of applause to the glorification of glamor, "perfection," face lifts, nose jobs, and liposuction. What drives us human beings to want to change the way we look? We all do it don't we? We all wish something was different about us. We all have convinced ourselves that we would be fine if that one thing about us was corrected.

Culture is probably the single most influential thing that drives people to want to change how they look. People will hate me for calling it out, but it's true. In the South Asian culture, being fair and light is highly esteemed. Men and women buy products to lighten up. In America, being tanned is esteemed - so dumb Americans pay money to get a tan instead of spending time in the sun - but they dare not get too tanned because they may not get a job if they look like the darker races.

What is it that bothers you about yourself - Take 30 seconds - think about it - How many times do you think about it a day? My challenge to you all is to keep track of it for 1 day - just count how many times you think about or focus on your physical "shortcoming." Does it make you crazy? Does it make you cry? Does it make you think things about yourself that no one will ever know? Do you think of ways to change it? Have you done personal research to fix it? Have you googled it multiple times? Have you checked your savings to see if you could afford a change?

Where is a God in all of this? What in the world does a God have to say about how we physically look? We don't think about this because we think God is too deep to care about how we look. The funny thing is our genes and our appearance were to his discretion. He chose our appearance. He knew how we had to look to get His work done. He knew how tall or short you had to be. He knew what your frame had to be to attract that one person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. He knew how bald you had to get to look exactly the way you were to be seen. He knew that your gray hair would help you get into places that all black hair wouldn't. He knew that the size of your nose would give you a look that would attract just the right publishers - or the right directors - or the right magazines. He knows that the extra healthy (and I repeat - healthy - I'm not an advocate of being overweight) fat that you have gives you an edge in some way. He knows that your imperfect vision would make you get glasses that make you look divine. He knows. He knew. He makes no mistakes.

Don't Change. Ever. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!

June 25 - Come just as you are.


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