The Dark Knight

"That's how my metaphors burn through a pen, set fire to a page like words from a sage / Indirect cause of the burning of leaves / Since the page that I write is from barks on a tree / I shall enter into the fiery forest / Burn with the trees and the elements around us / May He Increase as I Decrease / When I'm in War, may He say Peace"

- G-Vo (I'm Ok)

Being a vessel means you are being used for something else. The power and excellence is never about the vessel. The vessel is the bridge - the intermediary - the transporter - the crooked and cracked messenger.

The problem with trying to embody and carry so much light, is that it is done in such an imperfect way through a more imperfect person. There is something radical about the light that can change the vessel - but the vessel will always roam this earth crippled and with much worldly burden. I have chosen to shoulder the light. I take orders from my leader because I have been changed by my leader. However, there is more that is expected from me. There are a greater set of demands that are placed on me that I can never fully embrace. The Spirit is willing but the flesh is ever so weak. The vessel must always come to terms with his/her darkness. The vessel must wrestle with his/her inadequacy almost on a daily basis. The vessel is required to operate from a source of strength that comes from somewhere else - and not from within. Some vessels think that their strength comes from within. Every now and then, they realize that external graces, and external signs are given so they are reminded of who they are serving, and for what purpose.

If you are a minister / world-changer / advocate / endangered / etc., it is important to embrace the darkness - of the world - and your own darkness. It is a purification that the best must walk through. It is a cleansing. It is the mystery of the light. How come the more light that is put in you, the darker your soul can feel? Why is it that the closer you get to God, the further away you may sometimes feel? If your job is to serve Him, then you will decrease. The process of decreasing can tear at every inch of your heart and soul. Decreasing means your entire worldview collapsing. The decrease for the sake of another's increase can look like internal hell for the one decreasing. You will question your own righteousness, because people won't see you anymore. They will see traces of their Creator - you will be erased in many ways, and your Creator will be made visible and known. Don't get me wrong - Your Creator will exalt you and honor you - just on His terms and in His way.

Are you willing to be the bad cop? Are you willing to be the court jester? Will you risk it all for justice, righteousness, humility, and goodness? What about your reputation? How much do you hold onto it? How willing are you to give it all up for the sake of your calling - for the sake of your Leader's love for you, and yours for Him? The Dark Knight is in all of us - it is the part of us that wants the light so badly, that we experience the darkness that comes in our human attempts at it. It is the thing that comes with the light - it is the unpleasant calling of the true sojourner. It is not just 1 stage - but it comes in cycles - it comes to purify, sensitize, deactivate, desensitize, disengage, and re-engage. In America, some noble warriors mistake it for depression - so they take vacations. The Endangered get more alert during these times - they stay low to the ground - the observe from afar - and when their Leader gives the head nod, they rise.

June 25 -

Peace, and much love to you.


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