Circumstantial Slavery

We are what we see - aren't we? Everything we feel and think is based on what actually happened. We are realists. We are snobs of objectivity. When something goes well, we feel well. When something goes bad, we feel bad. I do not disagree with this fully. Reality is a great check on what we should be doing, or how we should be thinking of something. But today, I'm not thinking about reality - today, I won't give reality that much credit.

99% of the world functions solely on emotion. Emotion is a wonderful thing. It is God-given. Being emotional is good too. There is something great about living in the fullness of how we are created. There is something beautiful about being able to feel. My distaste comes not from emotion, but from reacting out of emotion in every instance. It is one thing to feel - it is another thing to react. Our character is developed when we can react outside of how we feel. Our discipline is sharpened when we oppose our flesh. A wedding is an interesting time to see peoples' true colors come out - I see this particularly in single people. Emotionally single people have a way of making everything about themselves at a wedding. Don't be mad at me when reading this - I say it how it is - and you can decide how you want to "react." When you look into the eyes of single people at a wedding, they are wondering when it will happen to them. They are wondering when it will be their big day - when it will be them walking hand-in-hand with the ONE. I'm not an emotional scholar, but isn't this a bit backward? How come people can't celebrate their closest friends? Why does everything curve back to themselves?

Why do we live in this world on our own terms? Why do we see the world based on only our point of view? Why do we relate to people under such selfish guidelines? I don't want to hear, "well, we will always relate to people through our lens - that's how we are created." I think to get to the heart of the matter, we have to be a bit more provocative and original. It is not that we are that self-focused. I think human beings curve back into themselves because we are creatures of reality - creatures of circumstance - we are creatures of circumstantial slavery.

The great women and men that have walked this earth never saw circumstance as an indication of what they should be doing. They just saw circumstance as how much more or less they should be doing in regards to their vision. Circumstance is good because it helps us make changes or adjustments - but it should never compromise your work ethic, vision, focus, determination, love, or conviction. True, we are not robots - but we can interface with our hurt and disappointment in the hope that we do not have to be bound by what "actually happened." I think one of the things that hurts me most about those I care about, is watching people go up and down on emotional roller coasters. They are elated when things go well, and then are suicidal when things go poorly. There is no value to be even-keeled. In fact, people with moderate temperaments are overlooked. However, those who are relatively calm in the midst of highs and lows deserve the most respect. These are the ones that don't place too much emphasis on the daily good and bad in this world - They place much stock on a consistent power that overrides the day to day circumstances. We must not be people who look to circumstance for deliverance. A job, a dream fulfilled, a significant other, a spouse, a car, a house - these things are added to our life and sometimes taken away - but the love of Someone Consistent is what remains. This love must dictate how we react. And we must never rest until we find this love - I will be a slave to this Master - not circumstance. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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