The Pursuit of Happyness (with a "y")

A few weeks ago, I attended my close family friend's wedding (Arunan and Liza) in Connecticut. It was the most fun I had in a very long time. It was 1 week after my biggest solo performance as a musician. Two weekends of pure joy in a row - I will never forget it - here's why.

Our family stayed in a hotel with all our family friends and relatives taking over the entire hotel. Every night, we stayed up until 4am and created havoc. The entire hotel was ruled by Sri Lankans and their food. The whole place smelled of Sri Lankan short eats and Tamil fragrances! We played games, ate pizza at 3am, told stories, lauged until we cried, and acted like we ran the streets of New Haven. For me, it was picture of heaven. My family and friends enjoying one another - Not at all fazed by the pace of everyday life - Not at all worried about time or appointments - Only enjoying the moment and each other. It was a weekend that God showed what Eternity may look like - and it helped me to keep things in complete perspective. It helped me realize what I push so hard for - why I do music and what really matters - especially after a very demanding few weeks before.

This is the same joy that I will feel once Kanye and Chris Martin become my peers. This is the same giddy feeling I will feel when Lupe is telling me how to rap on a certain beat, and when Bono is producing a compilation album entitled "The God Album," where I will be rapping and singing with people of all faiths in their own pursuit of God - I get the last verse on each track because it will be my album.

This is the feeling in my Spirit that I get when I think of everyone's calling - everyone's full potential. This is the joy I feel when I think about how much God loves us, and what He is going to do through us. I am giddy with excitement. I can't even sleep when I think about how my friends and family will change lives, restore the poor, heal the sick, and make some dope a** music. I cry at night at the thought of ripping stadiums, bringing my message to the masses, and loving those that the mainstream church and media have deemed unloveable (either by word or action). It's when Will Smith gets the job at the end of "The Pursuit of Happyness." He claps. I want to clap with him. I know that feeling. I got a taste of it - Now I want it more. It's not bad to want joy. That is not hedonism. Hedonism comes when you haven't experienced joy. It comes when you believe that you are the sole author of your joy.

Heaven on earth is impossible. But if we are building God's Kingdom unto eternity, then I want some of it now. I want joy. I want to be happy. Many people who want to serve the world forget to be happy. Before I went up on stage the other day, my tap dancer grabs my shoulder and says - Are you remembering to breathe? He said people will remind you of everything to prepare, but they never tell you to breathe - if you breathe, everything else happens - the show will be excellent if you breathe.

I want to breathe - and I want to laugh. I want to clap in excitement and in joy. I may be on the pursuit of happiness, but I need joy now. The joy of the Lord is my strength. And when you get stronger, you get more joyful. Hold on to every single moment of pure joy. Remember it and taste it. It isn't nostalgic in an unhealthy way - it keeps you moving from strength to strength. I am giddy when I think of those I love. I am giddy when I think of music. I am giddy at the love of God. I will stay excited. I am cheering for you --

Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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