It fascinates me that as a person who has much to say, I find it the most displeasing venture to come out and speak. I have spent most of my years staying silent when everyone around me loved to hear the echoes of their unoriginal voices. It is ironic that the quiet boy has the microphone now, and is heard by more people than he would sometimes like.

The problem with this blog posting / speak your mind / let me express myself culture, is that everyone thinks they can steal a glimpse of your inner musings based on words that you place next to each other. Words can be the most deceptive and manipulative device known to mankind. If you are a decent writer, you can fool people into thinking that you are more humble than you really are. If you have been given the gift of word placement, you can act like you are a world changer, prophet, and a truth-teller - when in reality, your life can be a labyrinth of falsehood created by your own rusty string of thoughts.

You can read my first paragraph and think I'm an arrogant son of a gun. You can read my second paragraph and think I'm a critical son of an unloaded gun. I can be super religious in my references as well, and you can applaud me for my righteous disposition.

I wanted to dedicate my very first "post" to the suspicion of my own soul. I hold myself accountable for the the things I say. Sometimes I will choose to hand you an actual glimpse of my soul. Other times I won't. The reason is because I do not use the things I do as therapy. Music, writing, basketball, etc. do not serve as catharsis for me. Though I am an extremely serious minded person, I do not take myself seriously. This is the vain that I choose to use this blog - I was asked by over 25 people to start this, because they promised it would help my music career - and I have to agree, since I follow my favorite artists' blog sites at least once a month.

My opinions are very strong. I do not waiver in my beliefs. If you find yourself resonating with the things I say, don't be affirmed like a weak American. Challenge yourself to better things. Be excellent and stay focused. If you make mistakes in life, fix them by the grace of God. Do not make excuses for yourself. I believe I was destined for great things. If I didn't, I wouldn't have the audacity to make music for the masses - and create some of the best music on the planet. My next album is going to be extremely good. And if you don't like it because it does not fit into the mold of your boxes, then I will use that fuel to make even better music. Being an endangered specie is about doing what is necessary to walk fully in your calling. There are probably 4 or 5 people that I look up to - this is pathetic because I interact with hundreds on a daily basis. Heaven stands ashamed of the mess we have made.

I have painted you all a nice picture of paradoxes, hyperboles, and confusion :-) Am I a saint or sinner? Confident or arrogant? All wonderful questions I do say so myself. Let us all be suspicious of the voices that seem to get heard - b/c I do not take for granted the blessing that I do get heard. I will not manipulate my words to cause impact. I will only use truth as my measuring stick, and will try my hardest to be a responsible, endangered specie - peace and much love to you - John Baptist!


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