Live Mechanics - Freshness Ain't Easy

This is Live Mechanics - one of the best/most innovative clothing labels in the game - period. If you notice, the guy in the center below has the same outfit that I wore at my album release party :-) G-Vo inspired the fit for their fall/winter collection. I was the first person that got to put together that outfit before it came out. I'm not going to lie though - the guy below looks way better in it than me. I also chose out my Michael Jackson tribute red jacket from their in house fitting room. It is what I wore when coming from the bottom of the stage to open the show.

Live Mechanics are no joke. They fit Chris Brown, Black-Eyed Peas, P-Diddy, etc. The list goes on. The crazy thing about these guys is they are about being ambassadors for God in the music industry and beyond. If you look closely at their gear, they have the phrase "Victory is Certain" on much of their apparel. They are a light in a world that desperately needs it - and the thing that inspires me is that they are good at what they do. They are ahead of the curve as artists and designers. They have a presence in fashion because they are good - and they are using this for greater things (aka righteous hustle). I look up to the founder and his crew. I love their spirit. They have so much integrity.

The other 3 pictures are of my boy Raphel Young. This guy is the chief PR / Marketing Manager for Live Mechanics. His freshness is undeniable. If there is 1 guy I look up to fashion-wise, this is the one. He has a such a cool eye when it comes to clothes and design. What is even greater about him is his humility. He treats clients with dignity and love. Vibe magazine featured him as an up and coming PR manager. Stuff that this man was wearing 3 years ago is what the "fashion experts" are into now! Talk about being ahead of the curve.

Watch for Live Mechanics. Not only when they fit G-Vo :-) But in all their efforts. I am honored to have them in my circle and learn from them. At this point in my career, I just take notes from my big brothers. Peace and much love to you - John Baptist!


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