"Winner" Video Shoot

There are few words that can describe the combination of God, music, and people. I experienced joy in a unique way Monday night as we shot the video for "Winner" feat. James Paek. A few phone calls and a facebook post got 20 people in Los Angeles to come together and convey the idea of being single-minded. This is the concept of Winner - this is the pulse of the song. Despite being confounded by the world's obstacles and challenges, endangered species are able to zero in on their motivation and goals. They are fine despite naysayers, opinions, and the backlash of human jealousy/pride.

There was a moment during the 3 hour video shoot where everyone just looked at each other with a look of pleasant confusion: "How are there so many types of people in this world, and what could possibly bring this random bunch together?" Everyone ranging from high school kids from South Los Angeles, to professionals in the fields of medicine and engineering were present. Nothing was similar between people - in fact, some people were so polarized that I had to laugh about it in my quiet moments while filming!

Such is the mystery of our God - the adventure that we call our faith. Yes - there are plenty of dark moments and suffering that I question everyday. Indeed - we carry a cross that can be far too heavy for our frail condition. Despite the tears and sorrow, there is an inexplainable grace that overwhelms us. There is a wind that seems to carry us against every sign that says we are finished. At the end of the day, I cannot prove to you if God exists for you. It is not my duty. But I promise you one thing - when I'm done with my work on earth, and as you watch my work getting completed - you will know God exists in my life - and you will also know in the process if He exists for you.

Endangered species are those that can testify to this. Watch for them. They are all around you - not many, but they are there.

As a musician, it is tough to revisit your old work. "Winner" was done last year, and we are now on to better things. I realize now that if I want to make music that is timeless, I cannot be afraid to visit "old art." I want to live my life now in a manner that does not upset me in the future. I want to make decisions now that I am not ashamed of tomorrow. Some may argue that this is far too restrictive. I argue that this is the only way to live. I want to visit myself now 5 years down the line, and give myself a standing ovation. Yes - I will frown upon my imperfections - but I can frown and applaud at the same time - peace and much love to you - John Baptist!


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