Backward Growth

In most areas of "growing up," we make steps to be less dependent on things - whether people, resources, time, energy, etc. For example, when we move out the house, we become less dependent on our families. When we truly get a grasp on emotional stability, we become less dependent on our friends for validation. When we get our own jobs, we becomes less dependent on our parents or friends for money. When we buy a car, we are less dependent on public transportation. The list goes on and on. "Growing up" means more independence. It means more clarity. It means greater vision. It means being more in control. It means making your own decisions.

Endangered Species growth - This is a backward way of evolving to most humans.

The more Endangered Species grow, the more they become dependent. They become dependent on a source of strength that they cannot operate apart from. I know this sounds weird - afterall, who wants to be like a robot? Who wants to trust and need something that much just to live? I don't know. Quite frankly, I sometimes don't want to live like this. It's hard - good Lord - it's difficult as hell. There is a deep worry that you sometimes have to hold in your chest when you feel like you are not drawing from the power that sent you. Anytime you do wrong, you feel a deep seperation from this power. Everytime you feel too "free," this power draws you back. Everytime you get ahead of yourself, this power slows you down. Everytime you are too slow, this power makes you faster.

Dependency - it leaves a worse taste in my mouth than spoiled milk. Everyday you have to be dependent. You have to work with your mediocre self to match the expectations and purpose of the power that propels you. Some of us are struggling with this. Some of us are trying to keep pace. Some of us are looking for real freedom - to be like a bird at the end of cliff. The strange thing about this whole thing is the power that you draw from gives you bigger wings than you thought. Real freedom is listening to the power, and obeying. It is what seperates the pigeons from the Eagles. It is what seperates the caged parrots from the hawks.

To experience true freedom is to be a slave. It is to be a slave to the Power. You agnostics and atheists hate this blog post. Your eyes have rolled 3 times. The problem is that when you go to sleep at night, and when no one is around you, you know I'm right. You know I'm right because you have been having dreams about this Power. In fact, you have felt the restrictions of your own humanity. You have been so proud of your freedom and the way you live your life, but realize it hasn't taken you anywhere. Your free as a bird mentality got you locked up in a prison. I want you to know that something from the other side has the key - in fact, He is begging you to take the key.

Let's go back to where it started - Verse 2 - Mr. John Baptist (Wasn't Supposed to be This Way)

Verse 2: The slave ship just docked it’s about to take prisoners / No gender bias takes souls both his and hers / Cabin gets filled so the ship moves on / The ship’s course set just before you were born / Now the slave drivers grab you, cuff you on the main deck / Once you’re bound to an owner you grant them your respect / Now the whole world watches as they own you until death / Deep breaths little homey deep breaths/It ain’t bad to be a slave if you got the right owner / who treats you rather well drops truth like sojourna / but we only see all obedience as weakness / And place all authority far down beneath us / You're guaranteed to be a slave in this world of sorts / But finding owners is where the choice is all yours / So before you take a bullet for your master in the chest / Make sure he would do the same or wear a bullet proof vest

Find the right owner - Peace, and much love to you. John Baptist!


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