When one door closes - that's it.

When one door closes, another door opens. We all hear it time and time again. "There is something better for you." "It wasn't God's will for you." "There is a reason for all of this." I feel like I say this more to people than they say it to me. I am surprised no one has thrown their drink on me after I give them such an answer.

But what happens when one door closes and that is the end of the story? What happens when one door closes and it is meant to stay closed shut - with no substitutional openings as God's method of balancing the universe?

I would suggest that if you are an endangered species, you don't deal with the shutting and opening of doors the same way as the rest of the world. Endangered species cannot count on the opening of another door, when the one that closed is closed violently - in a way that says, "don't ever try and open me again!" The closing of a door in no way ensures the opening of another. The way we view our "doors" are far too elementary. If 1 job turns you down, it doesn't mean another job will welcome you. If 1 job turns you down, it may mean that you aren't supposed to look for a "job," but to just pursue your calling. If a guy or girl that you are in love with wants nothing to do with you, it doesn't mean that another guy or girl will come into your life. It can mean that you have to stay in love, and wait for the right time. If your parents get divorced, it doesn't mean God has another spouse waiting for them. It may mean you have to continue to believe in the beauty of marriage, and that God has you in the center of His will. If a man hurts you in a relationship, God won't bring you another man who will never hurt you again. In fact, you will be hurt in the same ways - but he will respond to your pain differently.

God is training us to be more nuanced in our interaction with the catastrophic. There is no cause and effect way of dealing with open and closed doors. I remember growing up - as soon as well intentioned older people learned that I had no mother, they quickly assumed that I had mommy issues. They thought my healing would come in them helping me deal with the loss. Little did they know that I had already experienced God replacing my mother - where my mother was a far 2nd to the God I knew. My dealing with the loss of my mother did not come from talking about her, talking about women, or finding comfort in older motherly figures. My dealing with my mother's loss came in the form of discipleship, learning to hear from God, finding an insatiable thirst for God's word, and building up a work ethic like no one around me. In our generation, no one would predict the correlation of the things I just mentioned to learning to deal with my mother's death.

We have to move on from the rainy night but sunny morning faith (And please don't quote the joy comes in the morning verse to me!). Sometimes it rains for 40 days and for 40 nights. Yes - there is a morning - yes, there is a brighter day. But we shouldn't necessarily major on these future outcomes as much as we should focus on our interaction with a closed door. The interaction with the closed door can lead to the brightest morning that you never thought possible. It can determine whether another door just barely opens for you, or the very riches of heaven come splashing over your entire being and purpose.

When one door shuts, I don't want another lame door to open. I want the door that leads me to everlasting life, destiny, and real freedom. Let's keep everything else shut and throw away the key. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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