For You

I strongly believe that if you are doing exactly what you are called to do, you are living in service to the world. Many people wake up in the morning and try to find ways to serve. While I applaud this generous mentality and outward focus, we might be missing an important aspect in service. If you do what you are designed for, this is service enough. In fact, your service may have more of an impact this way. This does not mean we should not look for ways to meet needs around us, and go beyond just our vocations and "callings." I know so many people that volunteer because they don't know what else to do. They are unsure of how to make use of their life, so they spend countless hours serving in capacities that just don't bear much fruit.

This post is inspired by 2 questions that I have gotten recently.

Question 1) Rajeev, since you are so passionate about your music, why don't you just give out your albums for free? - While I appreciate out-of-the-box thinkers, this was one of the stupidest questions (with all do respect) that I have ever received. Give out my album for free? My music is a gift to you - I don't do this for me - But I am providing you with a service. The problem with our present culture is everyone is overstimulated. People are unable to hold the attention of someone else for more than 2 weeks - thus, the horrible relationships, the broken marriages, etc. In entertainment, everyone wants everything - they hoard it all - and they are lazy in appreciation. We appreciate anything that feeds us at the present moment. One day, I think the animals will enjoy my music more than the humans.

Question 2) Rajeev, do you think people will know you more through "Endangered Species?" Answer - I could care less. What I really care about is that you know yourselves more through "Endangered Species." Don't you guys get it by now? Haven't you all realized that this isn't for me? Shocking isn't it - that an artist doesn't have to make art for expression! I don't care about expressing myself. Only weak people need to express themselves (how's that for the quote bank). I don't need music - music needs me. I don't live through music - in fact, music has left me with less money, less sleep, and more enemies. This is all for you. I do this all for you. Yes - I do have a love affair with music that only God and myself really understand - but at the end of the day, being an artist trying to sell music is one of the hardest vocations you can think of. I thought when I came up from the bottom of a stage last year at my album release, that I would be saying something - that you guys would appreciate hard work - but you don't - you think all these masterpieces are drawn up by a snap of a finger - I'm sure God snaps His finger - but His snap is in human years, tears, blood, and sweat.

So to everyone who has supported me in a real way - thank you. To everyone else, have yourself a nice cupcake. I hope you get to know yourself better through my music. Don't get to know me - there's not much there. Peace, and much love to you - even if you don't believe me - John Baptist!


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