Misunderstood by the Comrades - fly solo.

We seem to get very frazzled when our closest comrades, friends, teammates, and family don't understand us. This always happens in the 11th hour. Those that you feel should partner with you and understand you the best actually don't care that much. In fact, they distract you from your prize. This is why Jesus had to tell Peter to "Get behind me Satan." Peter had good intentions by not wanting his Lord to suffer. However, Jesus knew that this form of sympathy was disastrous for His calling. He had to suffer. He had to save our souls. Peter (understandably) did not want Him to go through the pain.

The response from Jesus to Peter's concern seems harsh - but it's the only way. Your family and friends have to be cut off. They have to be cut off in the right ways - I am not suggesting that you don't involve them in any way. For the most part, you need to fly solo - whatever that means for you.

If you find yourself justifying yourself too much, cut them off. If you feel like you are second guessing yourself too much, cut them off. If you feel like you are getting frustrated because you know your purpose and others don't, cut them off. It is time for the endangered species to rise - and to come out of the ashes.

If you find yourself falling into bitterness more than joy, cut them off. Those closest to you will never understand your calling. They can never know your suffering. They will never be a part of your full healing and purpose. There is a space that is reserved stricly for you and your Maker. Your Maker is not interested in sharing this space with anyone else - inluding your "loved ones." Your loved ones have their own cross to carry - you don't have to help them carry the things they need to carry alone.

Being misunderstood by your comrades is normal. In fact, it is a good thing. It means you are entering into a zone where no one can touch you. This is where you become refined and carved for your destiny. This carving hurts alot because it takes place in the areas that don't want to be carved. When the Spirit cuts into "stubborn flesh," you experience the greatest pain - it is here than you need to let it bleed. Allow the blood to just drip. It will eventually dry out, and you will become stronger than before. Please forgive the gory metaphors, but something in my soul tells me this is exactly how you need to read it. Here's to your solo life ahead of you - in the end, you never really fly solo. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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