Cowards, Phonies, Snakes, Etc.

Technology is the perfect way to have a voice and hide behind every corner at the same exact time. People are bold behind a computer. They are ferocious behind a phone. They become animals through their music. Or monsters through their words. But in person, they are the cowardly versions of their pathetic self-images - their shrunk-down-to-size selves. They are poor imitations at best of the person next to them. They find a smile to hide behind - they find a friend to distract them. May I suggest that if you can't look a lion in the face, you are a coward - you are no better than what you call out in the safety of your own home - in the comfort of your own prayers - in the solace of your own internal monologues.

Cowards, phonies, snakes, etc. - all of these are cut from the same cloth. They make up for things that are not on the inside by creating a fairy tale in their heads. They believe in things that don't exist, but make it easier for them to cope. Do not be fooled by such harsh language - you may fit right into this category, even if you are not "that bad."

You are the ones that pretend to not know about what is going on in other peoples' lives - yet you are very interested. You probe their facebook pages, you think about them alot, and you ask other people about them. You are the ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends that keep up with your past love by reading their blogs, fixating on their pictures, and wondering if what you have is better than what you lost. You are the ones that don't show your face in real life, but have a huge presence in your own fairy tale heads. You won't look the lion in the face - you'll make sure the lion is in a cage - or a computer - or in a book - or on TV. You are the friend that wants what we have, but cannot gain the intimacy that you so deeply desire. You are the friend that will never be in the inner circle.

You are the the person that cannot find footing - all of your attempts leave the foundation more slippery than before. You are the one reading this and praying to God that this isn't about you. You are the Christian leaders that call me to come perform at your events but tell me your budget is slim, so you can support me in other fully well that you have a budget, but you think I'm not that big yet to give me what I deserve (I know you read this but I had to say it). You are my ex-producers and colleagues that said I wasn't Christian enough for you to work with. You are the cowards that judge everyone else's spirituality but your own. You are the jealous friends and family that are on my team just in case I make it - so that you won't be the odd ones out when I'm at the grammy awards.

You are the selfish monsters who have used me for my emotional and spiritual stability all these years - month after month - My strength is all gone now, so I hope you found yourself a God. You are the insecure ones that have your eyes on what you want to be like, but don't want to put in the sacrifice to become it.

You, my friend - is who I love with all my heart and soul. I think of you often. I cheer for you - I love you. You are not my enemy - I wouldn't credit my torn soul as having the ability to fully loving my enemies. You are my friends - You are the ones that will be raised to loving the world, but not being enamored by it. You will be light in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome you. You - in all of your Creator's strength and dignity - are chosen to seek the lost, and be love to the broken-hearted - to those that cry more than you - to those that hate more than you - to those that have a deeper wound in their souls than you.

Cowards, phonies, snakes, etc. - the man in the mirror, and his friends. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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