Stain filled love

I've seen people that are squeaky clean. What does that even mean this day in age? Well, squeaky clean means they come with very few outward mistakes. For example, in Christianity, there is a huge value to not have sex before marriage. "Squeaky clean" means people who are virgins. Squeaky clean refers to people that seem to have it all together. Squeaky clean people don't curse alot - in fact, they seem to have a way of using words that are curse words in disguise. Squeaky clean people go to religious events all the time. They don't like to corrupt their squeaky clean souls with dirt. If you do research on their past, you would find little evidence of dirt to convict them. To the world, squeaky clean people are either highly regarded, or inwardly despised. Most squeaky clean people love the fact that they are squeaky clean. In fact, they take alot of pride in not having a dirty past. My experience with the typical squeaky clean is that they do not lead me to want to be better - they lead me to want them to be worse.

I've also seen the opposite of the squeaky clean. I've seen the dirty ones. You guys are labeled dirty because you have dabbled in all sorts of evil. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll - not really the rock and roll part because then I have labeled myself guilty already! You guys have done everything under the sun. You hate the squeaky cleans, and the squeaky cleans are not too fond of you either. You always feel judged by them, and they always feel corrupted by you. You take pride in being human and real. They take pride in being above everything and everyone else.

In the Christian tradition, it is the goal of the individual to love God - and to love God with everything - heart, mind, and soul. I have seen squeaky clean Christians get everything right on the outside - their sins seem to be easily forgivable if there is such thing - but do you know what the greatest tragedy is? These people tend to love the least. Their souls have love that is reserved - and the thought of them having to earn your cleanliness has left them empty in the amount of love that they have to give - to themselves and others. You have sinned less - but you have loved with the same equity.

I have seen the worst people with the worst pasts love the most. I have seen drug dealers, hustlers, gang bangers, and sex addicts be the most generous and kind - b/c they seem to have understood the idea of a second chance. For some reason, when we know we don't deserve a thing, we seem to live our lives a tad bit different from the rest. I have seen the eyes of a killer, who wants so badly to be different - I have seen his thirst to be forgiven - and in being forgiven, I have seen his gratitude to the One that forgives.

In the quest of a divine righteousness, I understand that the end result is a soul who must love God and be a conduit of His love in every interaction and every opportunity. I wonder - if I can have more of God's love by making mistakes along the way versus not making any - which path would I take? Which path would you take? Are you satisfied with being clean with no love? Are you satisfied earning your badge of light without a grain of love's beam in you?

**Please make no mistake - this is NOT a liberal disposition of making mistakes and cheapening the grace and righteousness of God - in fact, I vehemently disagree with people who like to justify their screwed up lives for the sake of a cheap, artificial love of God.

**However, this is a re-evaluation of what we deem righteous, and how we transfer God's love to the rest of the world. Your brightest qualities will always be filth - never forget this - not for 1 second. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!

ps. my album is being mixed and mastered - can you feel the excitement?..John Baptist!!!


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