The Mirror

Everyone is either overrated or underrated. Very rarely is anyone rated exactly where they are. Very rarely are we able to think outside of our experiences and personal biases to actually rate something for what it is. If you think about music - we like what we like and sometimes we can't explain it. I must admit that I give more credit to Kanye West, Coldplay, and Boyz II Men than they may even deserve - it's my own rating system.

The thing about rating is that we do it to ourselves. This can be very dangerous. We rate ourselves all the time. Do you know what I realize?

We think of ourselves too highly in certain areas, and too poorly in others. We are not a good judge of character - we are especially terrible when it comes to the person in the mirror. Never is there more of a bias than when it comes to our own souls - our own flaws - our own strengths - our own everything. This seems backwards doesn't it? Afterall, shouldn't we know ourselves more than anyone or anything else? I always scratch my head in confusion when people describe their own qualities - it is really funny because alot of people have an idealized version of who they are in their head. They describe their own perceptions of themselves and in my head I go "No you're not!" Do you guys ever experience that? Somehow the misers think they are generous, the conformists think they are rebels, and the followers think they are leaders! How did everything get so screwed up?

On the same token, we think we are terrible when we are not. I hear people critiquing themselves in the worst ways. People I genuinely see greatness in cannot fathom that they can be used in powerful ways on earth. At the end of the day, we should be skeptical about how we see the mirror. Since we can't trust our own perceptions or that of others, who do we turn to?

Wonderful question - May I suggest God. There is a way God can take our thoughts and trump them with His own. This is not to undermine our own unique minds - but this is to put them in their proper place. Any brilliant man or woman knows that they are not that brilliant. God is the ultimate equalizer - He is the ultimate chairman of equity. He is completely just. He is completely right. There is no artistic or creative way to say that you need Him - and you need Him now. Right this minute, He wants to be the Lord of your thoughts. This is where your life can change - this is where things get revolutionary!

Through the lens of a Creator, we can be perfectly rated. We can be on the correct scale. All our strenghts are brought to size - so are all our weaknesses. This excites me - it really, truly does. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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