Being the Exceptional One

In my quiet moments, I dream of a world where everyone is exceptional. I think about the tears of joy that would flow from my eyes as everyone gets to shine - everyone gets their piece of the pie - where everyone lives out their calling free from evil, jealousy, comparison, and slander. Today, our Pastor reminded us that the world does not work this way - In fact, the Gospels are a story not of the masses, but really of the exceptions. Of the thousands of people that Jesus interacts with and serves, only a few are mentioned - only a few are at the top of the list - only a few come out as the ones that cried out to God day and night. There seemed to be a breed of people that were cut from the exceptional cloth. We can preach a message as inclusive as we want - but the final analysis says that only a few are exceptional.

This makes sense doesn't it? Can everyone really be exceptional? Then the word exceptional won't fit in context - it would have to be normal to be exceptional. This eats at me on the inside. This kills me - I want everyone to be exceptional - I want us all to be cut from the cloth in the stars.

Endangered Species

I made an album realizing that only a few will be exceptional. I made an album realizing that most of my friends and family will never be exceptional. I made an album realizing that most of you reading this may always just be extraordinarily average - That I may turn out to be an A+ Average.

Endangered Species

I admittedly created an album out of the realization that there is an elite - there is a distinction between the masses - and the exceptions. The exceptions are not the talented ones, the ones with all the smarts, the good-looking ones, etc. - although if you are any of these, you are not discounted :-) The exceptional ones are those that are so full of desire, that they are willing to cut out everything and anything until the purpose that was deposited in them is ushered into the world. The exceptional ones keep the primary desires primary - and know what the secondary desires are. They don't get these confused. The exceptional ones get stronger when everyone else discourages them. The exceptional ones don't temper their fire for anyone. The exceptional ones cry out to God day and night - and don't stop - ever - I mean it.

We live this life with the risk of not being exceptional. Remember this. Remember it well. All the money in the world and the acceptance from important people doesn't make you exceptional - in fact, typically, they can be signs that you are one of the masses.

One ingredient to be exceptional - Cry out to God day and night. See what happens as a result of this.

May you be the exception. May you be the one that stands out. May you bang on the door until you get what you want. May you be so single-minded that you don't have to explain yourself to the world or the ones you love. A Burberry watch that is really Burberry does not have to be flaunted. If it is real, it will speak for itself. But if the watch isn't a Burberry, you will feel the need to flaunt it, because it isn't the real thing. Things that are real don't have to be highlighted - they just are.

Dear Jesus, if I am not exceptional, just make me full of your love. I'm ok with being average but full of your love - I want to be exceptionally full of your love and average in everything else - Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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