When Your Heroes Don't Feel You!

Do you ever wonder - what if the people you admire and respect so much just don't feel the same way about you? Sometimes I think to myself - Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z, Cornel West, Chris Martin, a few Pastors I know, exceptional geniuses with unreal work ethic, etc - what if these guys didn't really like my music? What if they didn't even like being around me? What if they didn't see the big deal about G-Vo - even worse - what if they didn't see any potential in Rajeev?

Crazy to think about considering we all need some head nods. We don't need many, but we need a few - a few that will help propel us to the next level in our life - spiritually, emotionally, vocationally, mentally, and the list goes on. I think about the people I work with and associate with. There are people that have come into my life that I could have bet my house on that we would work together - be friends even - share stories - pray together. These very people are the ones I never really crossed paths with. It never turns out the way you think it will - especially when it comes to people.

We can't predict our future teams - our future networks - our future anything. However, there is one thing that we can generally dictate - this is being true to yourself and not compromising your most authentic self. The more you stay yourself, the better your chances are at finding the perfect team - the perfect partnerships. In my head, I see myself going on tour with Mr. Fiasco, or Mr. West. I see myself having chats with Mr. Bryant, and having tea and healthy vegetarian appetizers with Mr. Martin. I can hear a collaboration with Ginny Owens, and prayer times with Cornel West. I can see myself doing ministry with Pastors from Sri Lanka, the United States, etc. I can vision all these things - but it all comes down to one thing - your purpose.

When you set out to become an individual, you divorce yourself from pre-conceived notions of your road. You cannot be a trendsetter and only set trends as you feel comfortable. You have to walk your own road - any ideas or distant desires of comradeship have to die - not that these are bad feelings, but they can inhibit your true calling. You need wiggle room from your heroes. Your heroes are wonderful - but they were sent for you - and you might be sent for a different group of people.

I feel very strongly about this. I know this blog has reached a little over 1,000 readers, and is growing everyday. I want this badly for each and every one of you - many of you don't listen to my music so you don't have a sense of how desperately I'm chasing musical greatness. But know this - You have your own set of people you look up to. You may never work with them or they may never understand you. I know this because my music helps many people - and people feel connected to me - but I will never be connected to them. I will never know all of my fans or people who listen to my music. If I was connected to you, your life would be worse. Just because you connect with G-Vo, has no correlation to you being better with me in your life. That is why it is better we stay far apart - in love and service to you - I stay far apart. When you give your life to God, He dictates your scope. He sets your boundaries. He allows people to come in, and many more to stay out.

Here's a toast to our heroes, and especially our heroes that will never appreciate us fully :-) It's ok. It is more than ok. Appreciate them for what they meant to you, and don't demonize them because you don't mean anything to them. Somewhere in that process you will be free. So Kanye, Lupe, Jay, Chris, Kobe - maybe we'll never have brunch at the Four Seasons - but thank you for everything you have done for me. I am eternally grateful.

Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!

PS. Endangered really means Endangered - so please don't use this word loosely. Holla!


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