Nobody likes somebody else's leftovers.  Second-hand clothes are rarely appealing.  Sandwiches that are bitten into are gross.  Hand-me-downs, scraps, debris, the remnant, what is left untouched, crumbs.  Whatever we call it, we could do without them.  Things that are brand new tend to make us smile.  A brand new car.  A brand new cupcake (at least for me).  A brand new jacket.  A brand new pair of shoes.  A crisp, Ralph Lauren shirt, with a new Burberry watch to match.  Some freshly bought Levi's 511 skinny jeans, tucked into some swagger-filled boots from Aldo.

New is better than old.  The fullness of the original is better than the leftover.  Right?

What if I told you that the miracle was in what was handed down?  What if I told you that the best is in the crumb?  What if I told you that what somebody else turned down, will be your treasure?  It sounds preposterous!  Our minds cannot even conceive it because the world tells us that something leftover must not be worth pursuing.

A musician can understand the value of crumbs.  We put in so much work for a song to come out correctly - that song gets a distribution deal - that deal gets the song a spot in a movie - that movie makes alot of money - that movie pays 30 hands before the musician - the musician collects the crumbs from the royalties - those crumbs keep coming in - pretty soon these crumbs make a nice towering cupcake.

Or how about that deal someone passed over because they were too short-sighted to see the genius behind it - and how about the guy or gal that comes around and takes the deal - and succeeds because of it.  How about the crumbs that homeless people live off of.  How about the bottles they recycle to get money for food? How about the leftover advice someone happens to tell you that changes the trajectory of your life?  How about that producer who gives you one of his throw-away beats because you keep bugging to work with him - and that song goes platinum?  How about that job they offered you because nobody wanted it - and now you used that job to achieve your deepest desires?

I realize that my shiny, new, crisp, clean, and brand-new opportunities never existed.  I have never been presented with anything all that new.  I get what is left-over.  And quite honestly, this makes the hustle that much sweeter.  I've been offered jobs that the person better than me didn't want.  I got some attention in the music industry because those more talented weren't stupid enough to cut 3 records in 3 years.  There are always crumbs.  It is what remains because most people do not value what they have - so they leave trails of opportunity behind.  If we really loved our food that much, we wouldn't let it drop - but we don't value it that much - so it creates a trail.  Crumbs create a trail for us.  If we humble enough to pick them up, we may find our pot of gold.  We may stumble across the thing we thought was impossible.  We may find what rightfully belongs to us - that original, ironically new thing that only we were intended to be a part of.

Crumbs taste so good.  They even made a brand out of it. 

I'm sold.  Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo!


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