The Dead End.

When we used to live in my last house, there is a certain street that visitors would take in order to get back to the freeway.  This street looked like it went to the main street - it certainly didn't - much to the annoyance of those unfamiliar with it.  This street was a dead end. 

A dead end can be the most miserable and frustrating location.  It represents a failed attempt.  It represents misleading - or feeling misguided.  It speaks of no distance, or perhaps zero ground that has been covered to a desired location.  Obviously, dead ends in life speak more volumes than a mere cul-de-sac when driving.  The fact of the matter is that dead ends exist - and they exist for a reason.  Most of us attribute a dead end to a lack of divine intervention, or a lack of our own abilities.  I wonder if there is a fuller picture that our humanity cannot see.

Can a dead end be our ally?

You can think of this metaphor: The scariest thing about fighting hard in the dark is that you are never sure which way you will get attacked by.  You can be hit from any direction.  An enemy or catastrophe can choose 1 of 360 degrees to destroy you in.  This is tough.  The more options you leave open, the greater the challenge to survive and protect yourself. 

When you reach a dead end, your options become limited.  We all think that a lack of options is the biggest curse we can encounter.  Sometimes, a narrowing down of options becomes a huge sign of divine intervention.  A dead end can be our protection.  A dead end means going further can result in death.  A dead end means turning around and going the only direction you can will get you faster than any other way possible.  Parting the Red Sea is not always the best way to get delivered.  If you read the chapter before Moses did the "miracle," you will see that the people were lead in a round-about way for reasons that were beyond their human rationale. 

A dead end means you cannot be harmed from the direction that is closed off to you.  A dead end means you are protected from one complete side, and must focus fully on the side that is left unprotected.  A dead end can provide an obvious current or stream for you to follow.  It is not that the one door closes for another door to open.  It is as if 2 doors were both left open until one was closed.  A dead end does not need a miraculous door to open - it just means you have to walk the other way.

It is time to walk the other way.  Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo.


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