Ode to the glorious friend.

Here's to the amazing friend.  He/she that is willing to walk with you through the miry pit.  The loyal companion that engages with your heartbreak.  The one that does not just want an update to satiate curiosity or fulfill informational obligations.  The person that offers solutions to problems even when the solutions are absurd.  The soldier that sheds tears with you.  The human that has something to say when you are going through misery.  An encourager.  The uplifter.  The protector.  The advocate who gives without reason - and loves by nature. 

The consistent friend.  The one who does not call once in 6 months - but regularly checks in.  The one who doesn't change every 4 months.  The one who if you haven't talked in a while, things just don't feel right.  The one who knows what you like to eat.  The person who doesn't mind playing 2nd fiddle to you, because they are so confident in who they are.  The brother/sister that knows no comparison.  The person that doesn't spend more time stalking you than talking to you.  The companion that doesn't read your blog as a way to stay connected to you.

The one who knows how to make you laugh until you cry.  The one who dislikes anyone you dislike - and learns to love the things you love.  The person who doesn't take you very seriously, but takes you very seriously.  The person who will treat your soulmate better than you, because you love your soulmate better than yourself.  The one who buys you something because it's dope - or fresh.  The friend that never has to be thanked - but just given that look and head nod.  The selfless friend.  The friend that will check you when you are out of line.  The friend that will argue with you until your voice goes out over the stupidest point of all time.  The friend that likes being around you for reasons other than your wisdom, encouragement, support, insight, advice, and affirmation.

The person who doesn't catch up with you - but is already caught up.  The person who can make you die laughing over a text message.  The person that is smart when it comes to boundaries.  The one who sends you Bible passages or words of inspiration - not in a general message type of way - but one that is specific.  The person who doesn't say Merry Christmas with an exclamation point at the end every Christmas.  The person who doesn't text you on your birthday, but calls you so you can hear their voice.

The friend who loves you even if you changed religions, went astray, and then came all the way back.  The one that treats your family like gold.  The type that thinks of your family as much as they think about you.  The one you feel like you're sitting on the beach everytime you hang out.  The one that is wondering how you are doing on mother's day.  The one who believes in you when you can't believe in anything.  The one who reminds you what you are supposed to be when you can't remember what gave you inspiration in the first place.  The friend who isn't needy, but expects alot from you because that's what friends expect.  The one who never owes you money because your money is theirs.  The one who knows how to celebrate you, and celebrate with you.  The one who doesn't forge emotions.  The one who gives you ideas for songs even though these ideas could make the world a far worse place than it already is.  The one who smiles alot.  The one who cares so much that it hurts.  The friend who never has to assure his/her friendship with you.  The one that does stuff like sitting at the other end of the table from you at your birthday party because he/she is making sure everyone feels comfortable and at home.  The one that is often not in the pictures because they are taking them. 

The one that smiles when I write such powerful blogs because they are so loaded that it hurts :-) Swag.

Peace, and much love to you - friend - Jeevo :-)


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