I thought it was all about ME!

The single most freeing thing to understand and know about your life is that it is not about you. Since I live in the heart of Los Angeles, I suppose I should scream and shout this everytime I walk outside. Our culture here suffers from self-consumed narcissism that leads to deep spiritual and emotional malnutrition. The poverty of our souls is alarming. I suppose I understand this need to think our own well being depends solely on us. Afterall, if we don't look after ourselves, who will? Life isn't just handed to you. You fight for a better deck of cards. You hustle to make it.

I am going to put an idea out to you that will make most of you uncomfortable. It will make you disagree with me until you hate me. Ready? Ok here we go.

Suppose you regarded every trial and tribulation that you went through as pure joy. Suppose you stare at the face of every tear, every scream, and every pit that you have fallen into - and call them all to the glory of something better to come. Now before I go on, let's get something straight. Alot of you'll create your own prisons and hell. What's worse is you label that suffering in the name of something great - this is not really what I'm talking about in this particular post. However, this can still apply to you so keep reading :-)

Suppose you looked at the most suffocating things in your life as pure joy, b/c you know that for some reason that the testing of your faith produces a certain kind of perseverance - not that I got that from the Bible or anything. Suppose your endurance and perserverance have to finish its work in you so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. *See - this is key.

Most of us are not open for an inner working to be complete. Most of us give up at this very point. Most of us don't stay ready and willing. There is something about our suffocating moments that have to take its course to be completed in us. What good is dealing with yourself if you are only willing to give it a few days. Have you really come out better for it? No - you probably came out worse, b/c you only experienced the heartache with no breakthrough. Don't go to prison if there is no hope of freedom after a given time. If you are not open to a new work in you, you will be cheating yourself. Stay the FULL course - even if it's a long time.

Here is my main point. Whatever you are going through is not only for yourself. In fact, I find that most of my hardest lessons and fixing take place so I can be more prepared for my service to the world - to all of you. I don't want to be the same old pathetic Rajeev to you. I want to be fit for you. I want to be able to run with horses, and not just foot soldiers - not that I got that from the Bible or anything.

You - no matter how bad you want to make it about yourself - are made for destiny. You are being formed for something; for a group of people; for a word in season. You are not living for you - you are living for others. And don't for a second try to dampen this fire by telling me about the importance of understanding what God is just doing in you alone - yes I know this - but that's a given - we don't have to go there now.

My greatest joy in this world is not music actually. It is seeing all of us live in service to the very thing that God has designed us for. I leave you with lyrics from my intro on "Endangered Species." It is called Endangered Opus, and I can't wait for you to hear it.

"We are a people not designed to blend in with the modern times / We set the trends, they follow us, our destiny is to shine / Only mission is to do the work of whom which we've been sent / But we're near extinction and our resources are almost spent / This is our night, this is our plight / This is my fight in which I write / And my enemies are all piranhas waiting for a bite / With my work ethic and focus plus my leader to instruct / I shall end my call of duty and thereafter self-destruct....."

--Endangered Opus (Endangered Species) - Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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