Let Them Go

I pray I don't hurt anyone by this post - it's just real talk. My intention is to not make people feel "less than." Everyone on this earth is loved tremendously - by at least a few people in their lives. There is a God who trumps all earthly love. If no one cared about you, He would still be sufficient. He would still look after you. He would still watch over you. In some ways, these people will know God more intimately than anyone else. Having said this, let me continue.

Count it a blessing for the people who have left your life. When people are gone, let them go. Quite frankly, I have gained more from the subtraction of unecessary baggage than anything else. We are very quick to grieve those that are no longer in our circles. Our humanity feels loss in extraordinary ways. This is a good thing - no one is a machine. But there is a limit. There is an endpoint to grief. The world tells us that healing is not available. It says that we have to replace losing someone. When we break up with significant others, we run to the next one. When we lose 1 friend, we are quick to find another.

The truth is that long standing friendships / relationships are endangered. They are endangered because everyone looks to self-preservation before anything else (*footnote: see my thank you's from the Zer0 & 1ne album). People are unable to stick in for the long haul when they go through periods of not receiving from the other person. Everyone wants something. We all are too needy.

My pastor used the analogy of our past having a "chewing gum" affect. It sticks to us everywhere we go. I understand this fully. I find myself trapped in my thoughts. I am a prisoner of my own past at times (*footnote: 2nd verse of World is not my Home - sorry, I point out patterns!). Do you know that the people you grieve are overrated? My goodness. I mean were they all that? Were they that special? Were they all that we cracked them up to be?

If I am no longer in your life, count it your blessing. This means I would be awful for you. I would be a distraction for you. I would be a waste of your space. Count it God's favor on you, that you don't have to be in my life. Your God loves you so much, that He prevented Rajeev from being a disease to you. Trust me.

Let us all join in together - with this post - and be fully motivated to cut off from the memories, pain, and heartbreak. Imagine the possibilities of living free. Imagine what happens when you fully forgive. I am so excited just thinking about it! Imagine when your enemy is the one you have supernatural love and compassion for! Jesus, help my friends and I to live in freedom.

Friends, understand this: When people are obviously not meant to be in your life, let them go. They will be taken care of. You do not have to interfere. Their best will be without you. This will be your biggest lesson in humility; your biggest lesson in trust. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


  1. Honestly, there aren't many that think this way, and they end up suffering.
    LET IT GO!...if it comes back...it really could be worth something...and if it doesn't,well chalk it up as an interesting experience.
    No one knows where life can take you, unless you choose to follow God's little nudges that are poking you in that direction. Everyone has a calling...but not everyone ready for the ringtone.


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