Real life mixed up with fantasy life

Every Monday I hear people say that they can't wait for the weekend. They babble about the past weekend - about how they got so drunk they couldn't see straight. They talk about how they hooked up with some person, and how it was a "blast." Then comes Monday - you can sense their anticipation for the weekend 5 days in the future. The weekend is like their temporary getaway from their boring existence.

Is it just me, or is this completely mixed up? I want my real life to be the blast, and the 2 other days to be back to normal. I want my weekend to be the time when my shades come off, I get down from the stage, and eat cake while watching Smallville episodes. I want to wear basketball shorts and t-shirts that I've had since the 8th grade on the weekend. When I say "weekend" I am referring to any time that is your time to be normal. I am talking about the time that most people use to catch up on what they really want to do.

I say forget this nonsense. What you really want to do needs to be your entire being. It needs to be where most of your time and energy is spent. It should not be a 2 day weekend adventure. How did the world get this way? How did our culture promote this attitude of delaying our joy? *This is different from delaying our gratification by the way - just want to be clear about that.

People in this world have the Clark Kent / Superman syndrome. They spend most of their life hiding, with glimpses of their purpose here and there. I suppose the Superman analogy is too generous, since he was sent to do extraordinary things. We on the other hand do smaller things - and more sporadically. Where are the mighty in the land? Where are the strong? Where do the people of excellence and vigor hide out?

Your real life should be the magical one. It should be filled with the adventure that you have always wanted to live. Do not wait for the weekend. Do not look forward to a Friday. If this is how you are living, you might as well be dead. This way, you will look forward to living a normal life as well. You will live in the dualism of being a superstar in your own right, and a humble peasant eating cake on a Saturday night. Peace, and much love to you - John Baptist!


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