The Circle

This world is run by the ideas of circles. There are inner circles, outer circles, small circles, big circles - and the list goes on. Every community is defined by who is in the circle, and who is left outside the circle. Our circles can dictate what jobs we get, what friends we have, who we marry, what faith we belong to, and ultimately what our life's path will take us to. Circles can be very important. They can also be fictitous.

Everyone of us wants a circle. We all want to belong to something. It gives us our identity and a sense of comfort. I think most people should have circles - this is the way they can make sense of the world. We all build a sytem in our circle - some are the leaders, others are the operational ones, and most are "yes-men" - these are the ones that wait for the leaders to give direction. It's almost like Lord of the Flies. We all find ways to govern the world we live in. Every circle has its own values, class system, and way of functioning.

Once in a while, you will get a human being that is willing to defy the rules of the circle. This human being is not bothered by what circle he/she belongs to, or if they belong to any at all. This person knows that a bunch of squares actually make up these circles. They all think, dress, act, and talk the exact same way. These endangered ones understand that it is best to live in the periphery of many circles. When you can go to whatever circle you want and have something to offer all of them, you become extremely valuable. Such unique individuals have the ability to stay one foot in a circle, and one foot out. They dictate the pace of their own life. They choose what values to extract from the thousands of circles that exist.

Such infidels defy the laws of wanting to be included. It is an amazing freedom to not need to be included. This is a grace from God. When you are not worried about what circle to affiliate with, you will have circles crawling to you - you can skate freely on the perimeter of every circle, not having to perform obligations out of duty, but out of love. Being in "inner circles" does not necessarily give you what you want. In most cases, it can bring you more harm than good. It can give you more than what you want or can even handle. Where are you trying too hard? How are you trying to fit in where there are no merging puzzle pieces?

There are boundary lines that are already in place for you - they fall into pleasant lines, visible and easy for you to see - may we all see. Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo.


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