Green Grass

When we plot our next steps, it is always with the promise that the grass is greener on the other side. Everything we plan is in respect to something else being better. Things are always promising as long as they don't look like anything in our present. What is it about the human condition that longs for something else? Why are we constantly wondering about the things we don't have and the places we haven't been?

The nagging feeling that things are better or greener on the other side never leaves. You can be in be best possible situation but will always be dreaming of more. I have seen family and friends that keep moving from one thing to the next. They are constantly dreaming of better and hoping for more - and never look to their present circumstance to find answers. While I admire the desire to grow and expand, the results are always the same - Running around to find happiness and never finding true contentment. We are so afraid of being complacent that we fall into busy complacency - it's the same thing as being complacent but with activities and forced adventure.

The grass is green only when it is given water. You have to cultivate the land that you are in. Your present situation could be toxic - and you may have to leave. However, many forced circumstances are for you to nurture and produce a land of fruit. Grass that seems green on the other side is green because it was taken care of by someone else that was meant to water it. Do not look to be a farmer on the wrong land. I know how difficult it is to wonder what could be if you were some place different. I think it is best to stretch your present lawn to the max - water it first and stay with it - if it is dead, then trample on it and leave. Give it a chance first. When you are called to be somewhere, in a certain emotional space, or even in a certain trajectory, Providence needs you to stay present. When your eyes don't wonder, the Universe will make a way for you. The Universe will grow the thing you water. Keep the water flowing.



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