Encouragement - Most People Suck at It

It amazes me how much people are willing to applaud and extol famous musicians, celebrities, athletes, etc. People are willing to stick their neck out for their credibility, their greatness, and their legacy. We even argue over it don't we? - Who's better, Jordan or Kobe? Who's the best entertainer ever - MJ or the Beatles? Who's the greatest president of all time - GW Bush or Ulysses S. Grant (Just kidding). The point is that we are so passionate about people, groups, and ideas that we have no connection to. It is so irrationale to have deep admiration in this way - but we do it anyway. I do it too. I love Kobe, Jay-Z, Kanye, etc - and all these guys can be grade A jerks - I mean I don't think so, but they very well could be - but I am very open about how much I like them, and how much I want to emulate certain parts of their greatness. If the tables were turned, they probably could care less about me, and would never stick their necks out for me - isn't that funny?..lol - I get a good chuckle out of it.

Then we come to encouraging one another - wow - have we lost our way. Sri Lankans may take the top 5 in the worst culture to encourage their own people - or people they know. I don't care how pissed off you are when you read this - it's true. I have been in situations where people are so exuberant and excited about famous people or those they don't know - but when it comes to their own, their entire disposition changes. We have briliant doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers, artists, politicians, teachers, religious leaders, athletes, etc - but we can't say anything nice about them. We never write facebook posts about how wonderful the people we know are - but we write facebook essays, full of pictures and details about nutcases who don't give a damn about anything but themselves.

It's always funny after my album release concerts - people stare at me like I did something wrong. haha. They don't know how to come up to me and be excited. I can count the number of people that were actually encouraging - and only a few of them read these blogs - so if you are reading this, chances are you were not encouraging at all - everyone else is so awkward about it. I feel like a real life human being around a sea of drones. I just give a performance that is pretty darn good considering I have no budget, and people don't know how to encourage me. They think critiquing the show is the way to interact with me. HAHAHA. Wow. As an artist I am very in-tune with this. I watch how people watch me - and I know that encouragement is not the first thing on their mind. How sad.

Someone texted me after they heard "Endangered Species" and said "I like it!" - What the hell is "I like it!"..lol...man, I swear I feel like an alien - haha - Who says "I like it?" - is that supposed to be life-giving to me? My brother got one of the highest awards in Kaiser history as a doctor at age 31 - the youngest to ever do it - and the way people responded to that news made me want to vomit in their face. He continues to stack awards and awards and people just say nothing about it - what the hell is wrong with this world? My friends shine in their workplace - some of them are poets, some are in health care, some start up organizations from the ground up - and you monkeys around them just watch them and don't say anything. What the hell is wrong with you? What is going on in your mind? Are you that insecure? And if you genuinely are happy for people, why don't they know it? Why can't you affirm those closest to you?

Being a source of encouragement can change the world. Building people up in the right way can take some from the clutches of suicide to the brink of greatness. Allowing yourself to be into the things those you love do will change your relationship with them. They will be able to fight off the lions and Goliaths much easier - because they will have a team - they will feel loved. Stop being stupid. Be nice. Peace, and much love to you - Jeevo.


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