God's Dream

Many of us are so frustrated in pursuit of our destiny and dreams, that our soul feels a death and sorrow that cannot be articulated by words. What is your dream? What are your desires? How far away do you feel from the things that are so precious in your heart? Do you feel like you will ever find real joy? Do you feel like you will ever be standing right where you are supposed to be?

God puts extreme desire in us, because it is the only way we would truly want Him. Think about who you were before you received a calling, or something worth putting all your eggs in one basket for. How lame were you before your heart was set on fire? Before music, I was an average bloke. I had some values and wanted to be a man of God, but I wasn't all that impressive. Music changed me. The pursuit of something that I could not do on my own made me wrestle with life's deepest perplexities. The desire to be a musician grew me in ways that I still cannot fully fathom. Without music, I do not know who I would be, or what in the world I would be doing. I am sure that I would have been trained and reached without music - but I will never know. All I do know is what I've become in relation to my deep desires.

But here's the amazing thing.....

God's dream and deepest desire is us. The way we want our calling to come to fruition, is the way He wants and dreams for us. He thinks about us like we think of our heart calling - Except He is infinitely passionate and unconditional in His pursuit for us. His end all is us. If we respond to Him, it is His dream come true. He puts dreams in us, so that His dreams and desires will come true. He knows that if we have deep desires that come from Him, that we will surrender our lives to Him. He desires us night and day - He will do anything to find us. If His dream for us is connected to our desires, then I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that our purified desires matter. What we strongly want will come to pass. Our dreams are connected to the Almighty.

God dreams about us, so we have no choice but to dream about Him. It isn't about how my deepest desires in music will come true. It is about how my deepest desires in music interact with God's dream for me. In the end, the vessel is being transformed. The thing the vessel is commissioned to do is secondary, and will always remain a by-product of the formation of the vessel. Every time we forget this, we experience deep anxiety. We experience periods of unrest and turmoil. Never again. Never again. Never again must you forget that He is your dream. He is what your end goal must be - what your first goal must be - what your intermediate goal is. Everything else is relative. Everything else is painfully unimportant. Peace, and much love to you.
--Jeevo (new spelling of my name, new beginnings, new everything)


  1. amen, and amen..

    Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. psalm 37:4


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